Welcome to the Straus Research Group in the Department of Chemistry at Tulane University. We specialize in the design, synthesis, characterization, and applications of molecular and extended crystalline materials. Areas of interest include magnetism and superconductivity in cluster-based materials, chiral materials for optical applications and spin-polarized charge transport, and extending the organic-inorganic hybrid materials paradigm beyond halides to oxides.

Our permanent lab space in Percival Stern Hall is under renovation. We are temporarily located in 401 Flower Hall.

We are actively recruiting new graduate students as well as Tulane undergrads for research positions. Tulane undergrads should email Dr. Straus about research opportunities. Prospective graduate students must apply to the Chemistry PhD program here: https://sse.tulane.edu/academics/graduate/admissions, and you are welcome to email Dr. Straus for more information about the lab.